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Sheriff Auctions 60% payout per sale. Cars seized from felons, in good working order, for sale starting at $100. Affiliate linking code here.

Free Car Wizard 75% payouts. How to get a free car with advertisements on it. Affiliate linking code here.

Identity Crawler 60% payouts. Get anything on anybody. Top rated do-it-yourself online private investigative service & people searcher. Affiliate linking code here.

Get Sexy Women 75% payouts. Give every guy what he really wants - info on how to attract sexy beautiful women into his life and even into his bedroom. Affiliate linking code here.

Grant Central 75% payouts. Free government money to start a business, pay bills, go to school, etc. Affiliate linking code here.

Claim Funds 50% payouts. Find money, stocks, bonds, dividends, royalties and property under your name in US government databases, just waiting for you to claim it. Affiliate linking code here.

Forfeited Property 60% payouts on every sale. Learn to buy houses and land for pennies on the dollar. Affiliate linking code here.

Survey Puppy 60% payouts. Here you can earn up to $260 per hour filling out online surveys for major companies who need regular consumers for online focus groups to help them hone the marketing of their new products. Lots of fun and a real money maker. Affiliate link here.

Wholesale Sources 1,000,000 products at wholesale prices. If you've ever wanted to buy name brand products at wholesale prices to resell for fat profits on eBay or on your own site, here is the best directory we've found for purchasing major name brand items such as Prada, Nike, Sony, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Mattel, Hitachi, Compaq, Dell, major studio DVD's and tons more, at wholesale prices. They've also got an awesome-converting affiliate program, too.

The Company Corporation Protect your assets by incorporating. If you get sued, you will be glad you have a corporation and are not a target personally. All smart webmasters and business people who are making money need to incorporate! Takes just 10 minutes online.

Leading Edge Cash More unique items that websurfers buy a lot of: hangover cure pills, penis enhancement pills, pheromone oils, penis patch, growth hormone, etc.

Yahoo Search Marketing Buy the highest quality traffic here at 10 cents per click. Your ads will be seen by thousands of super targeted surfers every day.


Evidence Eliminator Many websurfers will want to clean their computers of any traces of porn and other evidence, and this is a great product for just that purpose.

Hyper Wiper Another great "eliminate porn from your computer" program. A great way to offer this product is in tandem with Evidence Eliminator, above. Since Hyper Wiper is so much cheaper than Evidence Eliminator, each product has its own distinct niche. Hyper Wiper affiliate link is here.

SitePuppy Register domain names here for $8.95 per year, and get hosting for an insane $3.95 per month. Extremely reliable. If you are going to build a lot of sites, you certainly don't want to be paying $35 per domain name, nor do you want to pay Earthlink $60 per month for hosting. Get it cheap and get it right like the big boys do at SitePuppy.

Traffic Cowboy Quality targeted web traffic. If you need solid targeted traffic for your website, check these guys out. Their prices are great and we've been earning an excellent ROI with their traffic. You can specify exactly the kind of traffic you want, and they start delivering it right away. Good stuff.

Rebranded Software HOT Did you know that for as little as $150, you can OWN your own customized, personally-branded software that you can sell and sell forever? Software such as Window-Cleaner software to erase surfing history, Pop-Up blocker software, and loads of other wonderful software. They will put YOUR company name on the software and you can sell it for whatever price you want. This is really neat. If you've been selling software as an affiliate for other folks successfully, why don't you try it with your own software and see how profitable this is!

Sell Cheap Long Distance Everybody would rather pay 3 cents per minute for long distance, so why not grab a link from Cognigen and get paid when your surfers sign up for this service. You would be surprised how quickly the dollars can add up here. They'll even give you a free website to help you get started. Commissions start at 6% to 11% of each customer's monthly telephone bill. Believe me, when you get a couple hundred signups and you see those checks rolling in every month, you will wish you'd started promoting this sooner.

Mailwasher Everybody hates spam. Here's a great program to help you cash in on the very lucrative Spam Eliminator market.

AdBlaster Submits To 2,500,000+ Sites AdBlaster blasts your advertisement to 2,500,000+ websites with just one click. No spam complaints, easy to use. Really gets the traffic flowing.

AdWord Analyzer Are you using AdWords to sell online? Then you need to check out this software package which will help you quickly find niche words that you probably haven't even thought of using. The AdWord Analyzer software here finds those juicy 5-cent words everybody's clicking on and that very few webmasters know about.

1 Million Free Visitors to your Website This is great. If you've got a site that's just sitting there and you want to throw some cheap traffic at it to see if it'll convert, give this guy a shout out.

Top 5 Ranking in Google Guaranteed Everybody knows search engine ranking, especially on almighty Google, is the most important thing for a website. Learn to boost your ranking here.

Build a Massive Opt-In Emailing List Opt-in lists are probably still the best way to sell online. Ask any webmasters in the know and they'll tell you. You can't spam, but you can certainly market to your customers with Opt-In lists, so check this out and make some good money.

Free Traffic Directory In 1997 the rule was, "He who controls the content controls the business." In 2005 the rule is, "He who controls the traffic controls the business."

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